Hit Points, also referred to as Health Points or HP, are a measure of how much damage is done to the Player or an object. The numbers that appear represent how much damage is done.


Mobs have a varying set of health that is decided by their color. Using a Sword will do more damage to a mob.


The Player will start with 10 HP. This can be restored when hit by a mob by eating Apples or Bread.


Blocks also have a varying amount of health. The amount of health per block is dependent on the block type. Block health will decrease faster depending on the type of tool used.


Both the Player and Mobs can die. When a mob dies, it will usually leave behind one or two items. Zombies will drop Cloth and Slimes will drop slime items.

When the player dies, the world is deleted, and he or she is forced to start the game over from the beginning.HOWEVER if you the the game,press load game on the title screen and you will come back!


Rock HP

23 HP removed from a rock

Minicraft Player Death

Dying in Minicraft