Not to be confused with Mobs.

Mod is, like Minecraft Mods, an altered version of Minicraft. Unlike Minecraft, however, Minicraft Mods often are not installed by downloading a zip file and putting it in a jar, firstly because Minicraft is a Web-based game, and secondly because there is currently no actively updated modding example being []. A list of mods:

Name Description Creator Links for download
Minicraft Delux Sammakko
Minicrate Adds lots of new monsters, 3 different NPCs, Fire, magic jon >:[
Minicraft Save & Load Self-explanatory David Please add
Minicraft+ Adds Magic and quickslots(like the hotbar in Minecraft) TheJackiMonster and Zelosfan Please add
Alecraft Adds day/night, Fog of War(makes chunks of the screen black if it is obstruced by a something or during nighttime), randomly generated houses(not in groups) and a save feature Dejvino Please add
Hackcraft Adds hacks and cheats Dillyg10 and Shane Please add
God Mode Self-explanatory Dezlad Please add
Creative Mode Self-explanatory Dillyg10 Please add
Magic Adds magic attack and Mana Dezlad Please add
Fly Adds wings which you can use to fly mgcross Please add
Creeper Adds creepers Lenkyl Please add
RPGCraft Adds RPG-style elements such as Villages, NPCs and quests Destradious Please add
MinicraftPlus Otherwise known as Minicraft+. Adds MANY features, and is one of the bigger Minicraft modifications. Dillyg10 and others (please add)

NOTE: These are only the main features. Mods may contain (much) more features.

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