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Wheat is a crafting resource in Minicraft. It is crafted by using a Seed on any tile of Dirt.


Wheat has one Crafting use.


You have to use a hoe to hoe the dirt before being able to plant the seeds.


Wheat has 6 stages of growth, including the seed and crop stages. It takes exactly 16 seconds for each stage, or 80 seconds from planting to harvesting. You must harvest the wheat with a hoe, and you need to till the soil again before planting more seeds. Stepping on the fully grown crops will cause land to be converted back into dirt with 2 wheat and possibly a seed left in its place

Wheat Stage 1

Stage 1 of wheat growth.

Wheat Stage 2

Stage 2 of wheat growth.

Wheat Stage 3

Stage 3 of wheat growth.

Wheat Stage 4

Stage 4 of wheat growth.

Wheat Stage 5

Stage 5 of wheat growth.

Wheat Stage 6

The final stage of wheat growth.


Harvesting Wheat


Underground Farm

Wheat growing underground

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